Panther Creek Map


I embarked on the mapping project of Panther Creek Ranch as testament to my love for the place I spent so much of my time growing up. It was a way to commemorate the place, the wildlife, the memories and the stories that came out of time spent hiking and hunting the ranch.

I began by drawing the roads, trails, and creek that cut through the property. Using satellite imagery and my own knowledge of the land I was able to develop a fairly accurate representation and included individual illustrations of wildlife and structures that dot the land. I also added labels to the places and sections of the property.

I also developed a display typeface, Gouldbusk, for the headline on the map.

I have printed the map onto BFK Rives paper at 26” x 26” and intend to give the editions as gifts to friends and family who spent time at the ranch over the years.

tags: Illustration, CartographyTypeface Design, Print Production

Video of Map printing on Acuity Flatbed UV Printer

Map Details

Individual illustrations

Reference photographs

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