Sons & Sister Logo and Identity


 In the Spring of 2021, I was contacted by Number 1 Sons to develop an identity for Sons & Sisters,  a new grocery delivery service they had begun during the height of the pandemic. 

The brief was to come up with a look and feel that would appeal to their customer base in Washington, D.C. and the surrounding metropolitan area. Think understated luxury, honesty, and healthy habits.The goal was to let good use of a simple, serif typeface lead and accompany this with a color treatment that would speak to the aforementioned themes.

After working through several iterations with different typeface combinations and color treatments, we landed on a Bembo typeface setting with Fira Sans as an accompanying sans serif. The logo combined Bembo MT Pro Bold and a semibold italic ampersand.

This treatment would be used on the web, as well as on branded grocery bags/coolers, delivery vans, and reusable produce boxes made from recycled paper products.

tags: Brand Design, Typography
© Nicholas Alguire