I’m Nicholas Alguire, a Visual Designer and Illustrator based in Brooklyn, New York.

I have helped a variety of companies and publishers develop distinctive brand identities, tell captivating stories, and produce striking products in both digital and print form.

I love learning new skills and immersing myself in new processes.

Feel free to contact me by email.


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New York Time Illustration Portfolio Review ‘24June 21 2024
Hey there 👋 I’m thrilled to share my work with you all and I hope you enjoy these illustrations as much as I do. 
Please reach out if you need any more information about me or this work.

Thank you for your time!

Wigeon Memory/Match Game (Personal Project) Illustration and Type design

This is an ongoing project, still a work in progress, that began from a desire to find an interesting and clever way to share and advertise a typeface I designed, Wigeon, earlier this year. The general idea is to develop a memory game in which every letter of the alphabet will be represented with a word and an illustration, each set containing a pair (2 x 26 + a ‘wild card’ pair = 54 cards). These will be printed  on thin cardboard and die cut.

When all 54 cards have been laid out, upside down, each player has a chance to pick a pair. Players take turns until all of the pairs have been drawn. The player with the most cards wins!

A for Argyle
B for Bridge
C for Calamity
D for Danger
E for Ermine
F for Fifty
G for Gigantic
H for Hijack
I for Italicize

Trout Scout (Personal Project) Illustration and lettering for t-shirt

This is an ongoing project that I hope eventually forms a series of t-shirts (or a brand?) featuring original artwork and lettering related to fishing and the outdoors. This is the first of many to come and I’d love the opportunity to sell them at some point.

This drawing was inspired by the Henry’s Fork tributary of the Snake River in Idaho. In this scene, the fly fisherman is looking out into the river for trout eating hatching insects on the surface, also known as “Rises”. The front of the shirt features the drawing of the rainbow trout, rising to eat a small mayfly. 

Pedestrian x SNS x Salomon Illustration for t-shirt and pamphlet

Illustrations for promotional tee shirt and cover page of the map for PEDESTRIAN x SNS Manhattan Warm Up

PEDESTRIAN is the practice of Alex Wolfe, a writer and designer based in New York City. His work finds value in the people, routines, and connections made as a result of moving throughout one’s everyday surroundings. In other words, it is for people who like to walk and move.

Support Alex by subscribing to his newsletter, you won’t be disappointed. Photos from SNS Manhattan Warmup shot by Kalil Justin.

Photograph from the walk
Map and brochure for the event
Early iteration
Initial Drawings

Panther Creek Map (Personal project) Illustrations, cartography, and lettering

I embarked on the mapping project of Panther Creek Ranch as testament to my love for the place I spent so much of my time growing up. It was a way to commemorate the place, the wildlife, the memories and the stories that came out of time spent hiking and hunting the ranch.

I began by drawing the roads, trails, and creek that cut through the property. Using satellite imagery and my own knowledge of the land I was able to develop a fairly accurate representation and included individual illustrations of wildlife and structures that dot the land. I also added labels to the places and sections of the property. I also developed a display typeface, Gouldbusk, for the headline on the map.

Spot Illustrations

Pedestrian Spot Illustrations for essay on Long Island walk

A series of illustrations commissioned by PEDESTRIAN magazine. The three drawings depict landmarks and stops made on Alex Wolfe’s walk of the length of Long Island. 

The first is the famous Big Duck building in Flanders, Long Island. The second is the Verrazzano Bridge that connects Brooklyn to Staten Island. And the third is the Montauk Point Lighthouse, the easternmost part of Long Island.

© Nicholas Alguire
Brooklyn, New York